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rockin' kitty


I was checking out my FU message board and The Matt(tm) said that BIG ELF was playing a show out in L.A. but it's the same night as the AC/DC tribute band. BRADFU *le sigh* (I love him you know) said that and I quote,"BIG ELF RULES." So I went to stonnerrock.com to check them out. Ok, they are kind of like Old BLACK SABBATH and like Diary of a Madman from OZZY. They are cool. But BRADFU DIGS THEM!!! Maybe he will be at that show???
Eh, my thing is... I have friends who are going to the other thing. And I love my friends and I would never want to miss an opportunity to see them and rock out with them! BRADFU doesn't even know that I am what Willis is talkin' bout. PLUS!!! If I wanted to see a band that sounded like OZZY, I would go and see OZZY. *nods* BONUS!!! If there are hot chicks in the band... The Sean(tm) will have some eye candy since I don't see anything about NASHVILLE PUSSY touring out here anytime soon.
A girl has got to have her priorities, you know?
It's decided. No one can change my mind. NO ONE.

So, igiggedwitdanny, were you still planning on going to that show in Irvine?


The Rosies show isn't solid. I know you're priorities...go where the music calls you! ;-)
Yeah, but I don't know if I want to go and see BIG ELF... THEY KIND OF ARE SCARY LOOKIN'.
no hotness?! Forget it, at least if you hang out with Danny, you know you get hotness! ;o)
I know! I mean the only hotness at the BIG ELF show would be THE MATT(tm) and the mere possility of BRADFU... I mean, at least with OUR DRUMMER it's all hotness all the time!!!
Who says it isn't solid? It's solid with me.
So you have to tell Danny that WE are going!!! We are! It's solid! You just said so!!!
*thinks to self*
Thin Lizzy tee or FU MANCHU TEE...
Well, there it is then!

Fu Manchu TEE! Or just be NaughtEE!
Ok, so you are going???*raises eyebrow*
FU MANCHU SHIRT IT IS!!! Now to just figure out which one!
rockin' kitty

June 2007

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